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On Von der Couch Wir treffen Psychoanalytiker, die in Dialyseeinheiten, Schwangerschaftskliniken, Vorstandsräumen, Gemeindezentren, humanitären Organisationen und mit Weinbergarbeitern arbeiten, um nur einige zu nennen. Wir hoffen, dass diese Gespräche unser Bewusstsein dafür erweitern, wie weit das psychoanalytische Denken in unsere Gemeinschaften reicht. 

Von der Couch
 wird von Dr. Harvey Schwartz, Vorsitzender des IPA in Health Committee, und Dr. Steven S. Rolfe produziert und moderiert.

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Episode 113: Older Analysts Aging Well with Judy Kantrowitz, PhD

We begin by referring to Judy’s first podcast (#83) where she reported on her interviews with former analysands about the nature of their termination experience. She has continued to rely on personal conversations to learn about the inner life of individuals in her current project of interviewing analysts over age 70 about their life in psychoanalysis. We discuss their generativity, their resilience, their personal difficulties, and their vision for the future of our field. Common to many respondents is their greater comfort in using themselves in their clinical encounters. We discuss the challenge of understanding long-term patients who maintain ongoing contact with their analysts seemingly without plans for termination. We conclude with Judy sharing with us her personal experiences of termination, loss, and her own resiliency and passion for her work.

Unser Gast: Judy L. Kantrowitz, Ph.D. is a training and supervising analyst at the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute and formerly a Clinical Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, now a corresponding member. She is the author of four books, The Patient’s Impact on the Analyst (1996); Writing about Patients: responsibilities, risks, and ramifications (2006), Myths of Termination: What Patients Can Teach Analyst About Endings (2014), and The Role of Patient -Analyst Match in the Process and Outcome of Psychoanalysis (2020). She has served three times on the Editorial of JAPA and won the JAPA paper prize for 2020. She is currently on the board of The Psychoanalytic Quarterly. She is in private practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Brookline, MA.
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30 Juni 2022